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We are an internationally oriented sales company. The company is based in the beautiful Seychelles. From there we offer our customers various services and products. Some of these products and services can be purchased directly from us and others exclusively through our partner companies.

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In the following we will give you a brief overview so that you can get an idea of ​​who we are. Detailed descriptions of the respective products, services and partner companies can also be found on our website. Due to the global changes, we too have had to adapt structurally to this change in times. This process already started in 2021 and will bring us some more challenges in 2022.

Germany - Metabol-X

Mr. Markus Böhmer works for us in Germany with his company. It serves the German, Austrian and Swiss market with various products and services.

Bulgaria - Pure Lady

Ms. Milena Nedelcheva will be working for us with her company in Bulgaria. It supplies Bulgarian customers with selected products and services.